Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Made God

Last night, after reading a children's book about the human body, specifically about the human brain.

Vyn said " wow God is so amazing to be able to design brains".
I agreed and smiled. 
Vyn " is Jesus the first person God made". 
Me: No, there are already lots of people before Jesus.  Adam is.
Vyn:  If God made Adam, who made God?

If you have a strong Christian faith, am sure you guys will just say, he is eternal, he just existed, nobody made him. Now, if you have been reading my blog, you know how limited my knowledge is when it comes to God and Christianity.  Questions like this from my kids increases my curiousity about other religions as well.  What do parents say to answer such innocence and honesty? 

I grew up a Catholic, but my mom also prays to our ancestors and practices Feng Shui.  We have Jesus, Joseph, Mary and Santo Nino, Bagua and Ying-Yang symbols in our house and we talk about afterlife, karma and about the teachings of Confucius.  These days increasing number of people are practicing Tai Chi and yoga for health and inner peace.  People consult Feng Shui books when building houses, new communities have cul-de-sacs instead of a road dead ending into a house and others. 

Please click on this link: religionfacts.  The site explains the different religious facts.  No agendas and does not try to convert you to a specific faith.  Some religions have thousands, millions and billions of followers.  The origins started from about 550 B.C. to about 1990s.  Some believe in God, in a number of Gods or no God.  The goal for most is to have good life on Earth and good afterlife if they believe in afterlife, others don't.

Spreading the Word of God and evangelism is very important to followers of Christianity.   Some people readily accepts God and Jesus.  Some steadfastly hold on to their old beliefs.  How do you go about telling people, we are all created in the image of God.  We should love everybody.  But at the same time tell people, that they will not have a place in heaven unless they start praying the same way we did.   What do Catholics really think about the other Christian denominations and vice versa?

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