Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trust Me On This

Trust Me on This

Another fun book by Jennifer Crusie.  If you want characters whose conversations will make you laugh.  Crusie so far always delivers.  I have not read one book of Crusie that have not made me smile.

Dennie Banks a journalist who needs a big story to elevate her career higher than just writing about social going ons in the society page.  She heard of a relationship writer Janice Meredith who had made herself an expert on marriage was getting a divorce.  Dennie decided to get a one on one interview at a literary conference Janice will be speaking.  Alec Prentice an agent trying to catch a con man who will also be at the conference.  Dennie and Alec met, assumed each others reasons for being there and the fun goes on.  

Bonus story about Victoria, Alec's aunt and Harry his boss,  both also found romance in this book. 

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