Sunday, December 4, 2011

Florida = Let's just live here

Continuation of our first Florida adventure.

Saturday, November 26, 2011.  We went back to Jetty Park to watch the launch of Atlas V to Mars Science Lab.   Definitely not the purpose of our trip but definitely one of the highlights.

While waiting for the launch, we get to savor the view.  We saw Pelicans, sea turtles and others. The kids had a blast playing on the beach with the waves.

After the launched we visited the Kennedy Space Center. Saw our first Alligator during the bus tour.  On our way back to our hotel Kelvyn blurted out: "let's just live here".  After telling him the why we can't.  He said: " just retire here".

Sunday, November 27, I had to wake the kids up at 4 since the marathon starts at 6:15 and we had at least 45 minutes drive to Cocoa Beach.  The kids and I walked around the park while waiting for the runners.  Bought take out from an only restaurant open that Sunday morning.  Went back to find some half marathoners already back.  Memorable one was an older man who was running with a medical personnel who would lift him up a couple of times.  He was groaning every few steps but he made it to finish.  There was a lady who brought tears when she started pushing a triplet strollers when she entered the park.  Another with a double stroller and one with a tiny baby in the baby carrier.
The hubby finished a few minutes off his goal.  He was physically trained for it.  But when you are running with thousands crowded at the starting line and it starts thinning after a few miles, with people going to the sides and shouting in pain surely does not help at all.  He also saw 2 dead snakes a few miles apart.  A lady who stopped right when they were almost to the park and starts crying and others

Monday, November 28 was the time to face reality again.  Warm vacation was over.

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