Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ascent From Darkness: How Satan's Soldier Becomes God's Warrior

This autobiography by Michael Leehan describes his life as a Satanist and how he was saved from the darkness and into the light of God's love.
He had a very difficult childhood, was always depressed and was very accident prone that he would come close to death.  He decided to learn about the dark forces and eventually became a follower.
The majority of the book describes his life as a follower of Satan.  The rituals he would do, the spreading of Evil books in churches, looking for a weak believer and basically trying to destroy peoples' belief in God.  At the same time, he always come across people who are strong believers of Jesus and God from every denominations.  But the temptations to follow Evil was always stronger.  Finally, he did saw light and banished all the darkness in him.  He is now an evangelist and a minister.
The presence of spiritual warfare is very evident in this book.  The temptation to follow and do bad is very strong.   
We are all so busy trying to prove to each other that "My God is the only God" " My way of praying is the only right way of praying"  "My religion is the only religion to guide us to heaven".  That we are all so divided and most don't really have a very strong belief system.  Others just decide not to believe in any divine power.  As for me, I believe in God, in Jesus, in Mary, the Holy Bible and all the Saints and in Buddhism and Taoism.  But I am lukewarm in my beliefs.  Put me in a room to discuss any of this and I don't have a very indepth knowledge about any of them.  Does this mean, to hell I will end up being?   With Satanism, a person don't need to read a thousand different ways on following him.  He is the father of lies and deceit and he knows how to make it seem easy.
Some reviewers are cautious at recommending this book.  I got this from "booksneeze" in exchange for an honest review.

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