Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stolen Innocence

Elissa Wall is one brave young lady.  This very courageous book will open your eyes to the fact that our own very free country (the USA) have people living in an abusive and oppressive situations everyday in the confines of a community isolated from the rest of us.
For generations, the only truth this community lived in includes polygamous marriages, teenage wives, sisters married to the same man and that a man they called the "prophet" is the mouthpiece of God on earth.  Followers just obey everything the prophet says or else... 
Elissa's dad and his first wife did not grow up in this community, but both ended up being very faithful believers.  So there is something about their faith that can lure outsiders in.
The book shows how a person in power can abuse his authority and destroy lives.  They manipulate people's lives to help them achieve an everlasting life.  Their beliefs have been passed down for generations and they still exist today.  People do what they do in the name of God and because they want to go to heaven.
We don't really need to go to other countries to find these communities.  They are just in our own land.  People will get out because they wanted to themselves just like Elissa and others.  But still others will still hold on to their belief that they are the chosen ones and will continue on with the practice.   
The FLDS church (Fundamentalist Church Of Christ of Latter-Day Saints) according to WIKI.

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