Friday, July 22, 2011

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller is a very pleasing book.  This is my first Kathleen Fuller book.  Emma is grieving for her mom who recently died from cancer.  Although her sister was not able to help in taking care of their mother while she was sick.   Clara, the sister  have ideas to help with their financial situation.  But Emma is not ready to tackle with it just yet.  Emma loved Adam who left the Amish lifestyle and broke her heart.  Then Adam came back, sparkling all of Emma's old emotions.  Mark King showed up in their community and is showing interest on her.  How is Emma going to cope with all these while also taking care of their grandmother and the farm?  Is Adam back for good or is he going to break her heart again?   This book provides a glimpse of the Amish world, some mystery and even suspence and love.   A good book to relax with for all ages.

Thank you to booksneeze for providing my copy free in exchange for a review.  

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