Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PA - I Can't Stand It

Friday, July 15, 2011, we started our drive to PA (Pennsylvania) to celebrate a graduation party for a nephew.  This time, we decided to stay a couple of days in PA.  We had lunch in some Ohio turnpike stop.  Then we had dinner and stayed for the night at Breezewood, PA

Saturday, we drive to our family's place and partied till night and spent Saturday and Sunday night at Bensalem, PA.  It was a great Saturday spent with family and catching up on how the kids are.

Sunday, we took the train to Philadephia, PA and spent the day visiting The Liberty BellThe Independence Hall, Franklin Square, Penn's Landing and The Seaport Museum where we toured inside the USS Olympia and the USS Becuna sub right next to it.  While riding the Phlash around town, I heard a lady saying she lives nearby and sounds like she is giving her family a tour of Philly.  I asked her what Chinatown restaurant she can recommend and she says her favorite is David's Mai-Lai Wah on 10th and Grace.  If you guys want to try Philly Chinatown restaurant don't miss this place.  Their Sai-Woo Duck is good.  It was a great dinner to end our Philly experience.  On our train ride back to Bensalem, Vyn noticed his sister falling asleep, he pried her eyes open and told her to stay awake since we are almost to our station.  Lyn answered "  But I Can't Stand It" and went back to sleep.

Monday, we decided to start driving West and stop at Hershey, PA.  We plan to stay for only 2 hours but ended up staying a good 3 hours.  We were only able to stop at one place The Hersheys Chocolate World,  We had fun doing most of the things Hershey's World has to offer and would love to stay longer but we had also planned to visit, tour and stay the night at Gettesburg, PA.   At Gettesburg, we went on a bus tour around the Military Park and drive around on our own as well.  The town is full of history and they have preserved it very well for generations to learn and visit.  Would plan to stay longer at both Hershey and Gettesburg the next time we decide to go back to PA. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011.  We decided to take the scenic drive back home by taking Highway 30 West all the way to Breezewood, PA and merge in to the Ohio turnpike, get off at US 23 North and up all the way home.

Gettesburg, PA

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