Monday, June 6, 2011

Vyn First Karate Tournament

We enrolled our Vyn in Karate about 3-4 years ago at Angel's because he was very bashful.   After all the classes and belt promotions he has been through, we saw a significant improvement in confidence and although he might or will always be a little on the introvert side, he proved that he can deliver when needed. 

May 14, 2011 was the first tournament Vyn joined in.  He was not too excited to be registered in it.  Plus we were a little apprehensive since he was not able practice as much as his peers because of soccer practice falling in the same day as his class schedule.

When the big day came, he was nervous.  He can't explain how he felt but don't want to eat as well.  Which makes ME nervous but I don't want him to start feeling bad by forcing him to do something more.  So when the time comes, he was there with an almost empty stomach.

We registered him to both sparring and forms category and he goes head to head with kids his age, size and belt levels.  He also won the Biggest trophy for both categories.  He can't believe it himself but all his karate masters asked is to do their best and his best was the best in his division. 

Definitely a Proud day for all of us.

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