Monday, June 6, 2011


Vyn has been playing recreation soccer for about 2 years (4 seasons) now.  He is not at all aggressive and so when he was younger he would just follow around where everybody goes and will not get in a crowd of kids to get the ball. 

He always have fun practicing and especially loves going to the games though.  This year is different, we see a lot of scrimages going on in the field.   Maybe because now the kids are older and knows what to do better.  Some of the kids are showing talents in the game already.  Vyn and the others in the team also learned a lot more about teamwork and is passing the ball to team mates for the common goal. 

April 30, 2011,  the day our little Vyn finally makes a goal.  He did it in our second game of the double header too.  What a day!

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