Monday, November 1, 2010


The last few days of October is usually just crazy busy in our house.  It starts with the last soccer practice, then the last soccer game, soccer party, the hubby's birthday, halloween party at the school and the real halloween trick or treating day we usually spend with friends.  Our neighborhood is just dark and silent for the night.  So it is more fun to visit with friends who have an active neighborhood.

Halloween this link will send you to WIKI and it explains halloween in detail.  Includes the origin, religious perspective, food, costumes, games and activities.  Growing up in the Philippines, we never celebrate the day.  I remember the grown up being very busy on the 31st but that is because they were getting ready for the days we will be spending at the cemetery for both All Soul's and All Saint's Day.  We visit and light candles on friends' and relatives' love ones who had passed away.  Both days are spent with people in the cemetery, with the living who have loved ones who passed away.  Now, I see that the Philippines have also caught up with how the west celebrate halloween.

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