Friday, October 22, 2010

Daydream Blog

If you have been following my blog.  You will remember I shared a blog written by a mom who is on maternity leave in France about her baby's daydreams.  She posted cute, pretty and original pictures about the dream scenes.  She has just posted that she decided to stop publicly posting the pics from now on.  Her blog has reach millions of readers and some are using her baby pictures in advertisings and commercials.  Which are real violations of her copyright and privacy.  She is publishing a book about it which will be release in 2012.  So I guess, her blog has gotten her good and bad publicity.  I have decided to delete her blog from my "favorite blog I want to share" box and remove my post about it to help minimize more exposure of her blog.  If you have seen her blog,  I hope you have enjoyed it as well as I did.

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