Sunday, September 26, 2010



School just started and so I am the main entertainer to our two year old so it took me a while to finish this book by Christie Craig. Another author I have not read before.  Her works are considered sexy, suspenceful and seriously funny.  It is a romantic comedy with a little detective storyline.  Made me laugh a few times and includes a few romantic scenes.  It is a story about a pizza delivery girl (Macy), part time law student who have been disappointed by all the male person in her life.  Her brother escaped jail to protect Macy from another escaped convict who intends to harm her. Comes Jake the cop, her protector.  Funny and entertaining...

I am now realizing that I limit my reading to only a few authors before.  The library books are free but I only pick out books written by authors I knew.  Now with Nook and especially with the free fridays offer I get to read books written by authors I don't really care to read before. 

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