Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News from Pinas

This week has been crazy with news from the Philippines.   We have the Ms. Universe Pageant and Bb. Pilipinas got in to the top 5 for the first time in 11 years.  But people seem to just remember her "major-major" answer.  Lots of people were talking about how much better their answers would be.  But if put on the spot, as you can see in the link, it is not really easy to admit to ones mistakes and let the whole world know about it as well. 

Then there is another news from the Philippines a Hong Kong tourist bus taken hostage by a former police man.  Lots of people are criticizing about how this situation was handled.  Maybe if they were better trained and better equipt it might end better.  But to generalized that the whole Philippines and Filipinos are bad is to my opinion just too much. 

I am a chinese, born and raised in the Philippines so my heart goes out to the chinese people as well.  But to ban tourist going to the Philippines and Filipino immigrants to Hong Kong where we know also employs lots of Filipinos is just going to make the situation worst.  There will be lots more Filipinos desperate for jobs. 

There are crime everywhere even here in Michigan we have robbers, DUIs and others.  The U.S. has its share of big crimes in big cities as well.  You can read about moms drowning their kids, and kids bringing guns and shooting school mates.  But no countries are banning their people from coming here. 

Maybe if Mendoza had taken hostage a Filipino bus and killed only Filipinos it will be another story that won't even reach anywhere else but only in the Philippines.  But then who knows what went on his brain that day.  Personally, to me it is just an isolated case done by a very desperate individual. 

Here is a letter written by a Filipino teenager to apologize to the whole world about the tragedy.  Here is another post I would like to share about these two controversies.

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