Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I was living in Toronto my friends and I once went tent camping at Algonquin Provincial Park.  It was one of my most memorable weekends in Canada.  We went hiking, canoeing and the boys went portaging.  Bathing was done in the lake and water for cooking was fetched from it as well.
For this year, we started the camping season at my mother in law's lake side property for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a great way to start the camping season.  We also went to Hartwick Pine's State Park  over Father's Day weekend.  We camp with the family of our 6 year old's best friend.  It was fun and the kids get to play a lot together.  It was the first time we camp with friends here in Michigan.  F U N...  Hartwick Pine's is one of our favorite campground.  Since we started trailer camping in 2008, we have been there every year.  They have activities for the kids, got nice, clean and good size camp sites.  They got added points for having a good running trail for the hubby.  They also got added points from me for having clean, big shower facilities.  Our trailer have a small shower room and unless we wanted to keep on fetching water and draining the waste water tank, we avail of the campsites' shower.  Other campgrounds have shower rooms you just don't want to have your eyes or mouth accidentally open while taking a shower.

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